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Hikvision Security Release - September 2021 Vulnerability

Written by Tech Support Monday, November 30, -1 Posted in General

Hikvision has confirmed a vulnerability in a large number of its IP cameras, NVRs and IP camera kits.  This is a vulnerability in the web interface that could allow an attacker to compromise and take control of the device.  Based on the documentation we believe the attacker would either need to be on the same LAN - or have access remotely by way of port forwarding throught he user's Internet router or modem.

Please read our knowledgebase article here with links to the release and instructions on upgrading firmware:

      Hikvision Sept 2021 Vulnerability Disclosure

We recommend immediately turning off port forwarding to ANY security camera, NVR, or any iOT device and using a more secure method of access like a VPN and taking advantage of P2P remote services that don't require port forwarding.  

Security cameras, smart phones, computers and iOT devices need maintenance like any other product, to ensure they are up to date with the most current software/firmware and are installed and operated in a secure manner.   Strong, unique passwords should be set on any connected device for security.