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Meet Your Business Needs with the Alula Builder Program

Written by Aly Beach Thursday, September 2, 2021 Posted in General

Alula systems are some of the fastest and easiest install systems that we offer here at Aartech Pro. Alula systems are built with the installer in mind, ensuring everything works together seamlessly while being engineered to be installed quickly and efficiently. As a bonus, Alula offers beautiful apps and devices with endless flexibility at a cost-effective price point.

As a distributor, we aim to make your life as easy as possible, so we are happy to share details about the Alula Builder Program - a convenient program created exclusively for dealers for builders. 


The Alula Builder program offers a variety of products and services that are perfect for both homebuilders and homebuyers. The program was designed with flexibility in mind to allow alarm dealers to pick the products and services that meet their unique needs. The solutions offered in the program can be customized in a variety of ways, ensuring you get precisely what you want and have the freedom to design a package that makes sense for you. 


  • You can win more builder contracts by creating unique packages for each builder
  • You can easily save money with one hub for automation, video security
  • You can eliminate return trips with convenient remote management, service activation, and communication and path changes 



The Alula Builder Program can set you apart from the competition. With a simple one-partner complete solution for hardware and service, versatile one-panel for automation, video, and security, and flexible hardwired and wireless installations, you'll have the most efficient solutions for any installation needs. You can select whichever plan works for you, ensuring you can pick the most cost-effective option, including model home discounts and savings on remote configuration tools. 


With flexible plans, you can bundle up hardware and select the system services, including 12, 36, 60-month and lifetime prepaid service plans and add-on services that are available at reduced rates.

Some key service options include:

  • Model Home Plan:
    •  Reduce costs of model home installations 
    •  50% discount on hardware
    •  Complementary 24-mo IP service plan
    •  Optional cellular service plan
  • Asset Protection Plan:
    •  Get protection for your job site, tools, materials, and appliances
    •  System alerts when activity occurs
    •  Arm/Disarm and view remotely via mobile app or web portal
    •  Professional monitoring is available

Learn more about the Alula Builder Program 



Alula also has other programs - pick the one that fits your needs. 

Alula Sunset Rebate Program

You can receive a $99 service credit for every BAT-Connect Communicator you use to replace a 3G/CDMA device – regardless of the original manufacturer. As a bonus, BAT-Connect products have built-in 5G technology so that you can avoid the next sunset. *Limited time offer

Alula Pro Partner Program

By becoming an Alula Pro Program member, you can stay informed and grow your business. Stay up to date and get ahead of your competition by earning valuable rewards, broadening your network and increasing your Alula knowledge. 

Alula Partner Referral Program

Refer a new partner to activate devices on the Alula network and receive a free communicator or panel. 

The referred party registers as a pro and enrolls in the Referral Program. The new pro activates ten or more communicators or panels on the Alula platform, staying active for two consecutive months.

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