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Leviton Electric Vehicle Chargers Now at Aartech

Written by Aly Beach Wednesday, September 20, 2023 Posted in General

In today's ever-evolving world, the need to stay future-proof is becoming more and more critical as the years go by. As time passes, we're seeing more hybrid and fully electric vehicles hitting the roads. The electric vehicle trend has been growing and evolving over many years, becoming more accessible to the average consumer. Now, we're finally seeing a larger saturation of them on the streets, and with that comes the massive demand for convenient EV chargers. 

Here at Aartech, we supply some of the best and most reliable EV chargers for home and commercial use, including the renowned line from industry favourite Leviton. Ranging from 32A to 80A, and with options to add RFID cards for access control, there's a wide range to pick from to suit your needs. These chargers are essential in storefront parking, office spaces, warehouse parking lots, etc. By making electric vehicle infrastructure more accessible, you can encourage the use of more eco-friendly electric vehicles while also being considerate of electric vehicle drivers. 

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